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Catching Up with The Splatter Club

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

The Splatter Club started in 2017 as an online book club and resource for fans and authors of bizarro and extreme content. K. Trap Jones and I, launched a website, organized beta reading opportunities, and featured some amazing prizes for our book discusses like signed barf bags. We planned on creating awards in the future and even a physical convention.

Owning a small press and teaching high school, left little time for me to help K. Trap expand the club in all the directions we planned. And in April of 2020, you may have noticed The Splatter Club website came down. This was not to suggest the club was ending or losing its vision. Only that all the money to afford the site, as well as barf bags and everything the club did, came from our personal pockets and that made it hard to maintain. Even harder to maintain now that the pandemic has slowed my personal finances.

With the release of Welcome to the Club, we have the first opportunity in three years to see money coming in instead of only flowing out. Funding means we can start steering back toward those original goals of being an amazing resource for authors and a kick-ass place for readers.

To make sure we do not slip away again, The Splatter Club website will remain defunct for now. Instead, we will communicate through the FB group. Any important messages and submission calls that we need to anchor somewhere reliable, beyond Facebook, will appear on the Blood Bound Books blog. The messages will be tagged under the 'Splatter Club' category for ease of locating. This is simply to help us save money to prepare for workshops, conventions, awards, and future club activities. It does not mean BBB controls the club. BBB has its own mission that is separate from the goals of The Splatter Club.

Speaking of control, we actually want you to help direct where The Splatter Club goes next. If you’re a reader, you may join us to select what the club publishes. And if you’re an author, you can submit stories year-round. We’re going to keep our pay rates modest for now so that we can fund our plans, but you will always have a quality publication you can be proud of if your work is selected.

Website publications will be housed at, anthologies will be published yearly, and novellas will be e-book only. When the club can afford the website again, all content will be transferred there.

Thanks for three years of support! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to talk to me in the club or use the contact form on this website—just be sure to list the subject as Splatter Club.

- M.C.

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